Retail – Large Interior Light Wall, Oxford Street, London

It is the first time that Boots have had a multi-level store and we were asked to provide an illuminated feature for their new flagship store in Oxford Street, London. After several meetings and discussions, we designed a “light” wall consisting of illuminated colour-changing acrylic panels. This wall extends up three storeys inside the store behind the stairway. The wall is made up of 60 panels, each measuring 1200mm x 700mm. Several plasma screens are interspersed between these acrylic panels and these are used for advertising purposes. Each panel was made up of a rectangular piece of Prismex and lit along two edges with red, green and blue LED strips. Each one of these strips (two per panel) is individually addressed by a computer-based control programme, thus allowing an infinitely variable array of colour-changing and movement to be achieved. The computer which controls this wall is in an office nearby. The installation was quite complicated as the panels had to be installed behind the stairway and the installation date had to be scheduled in with other work on the site. A 4-man team carried out the installation and it took 5 days to complete.