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Welcome to the LiteBuilder – a quick and easy way of ordering bespoke LED strip lights.

Simply work your way through the 4-step process below, choosing your extrusion and cover type, what LED’s you’d like to use, along with the driver you’ll need to power your lights (This is optional) and hey presto!

If you are using CCT, RGB or just want a dimmer for your white LEDs don’t forget to order a controller here.


  • If you want to order multiple lengths of extrusion/LED tape and only one driver to power them i.e. you’re daisy-chaining 3 together but powering them from one driver, skip adding a driver to all product builds except one of them and then simply choose the appropriate driver on the last one.
  • Even though we always build the system to your exact measurements, we price our components within specific length ranges as it’s impossible to price our products down to the nearest millimetre. This means that if your requirement is for an extrusion length of 1215mm, you’ll need to select the 1-2m length as your measurement falls within this length.
  • Each individual length of extrusion and LED will be supplied with 2m of the appropriate cable.

The system allows you to choose any combination of components, but please note if you require several different combinations you’ll need to go through the process and add them to the cart separately. If you require more than one with identical specs, simply choose the quantity you need of that type in the box at the bottom. If you have any trouble with the order process, our handy LiteBuilder guide will help. Alternatively, we love picking up the phone so give us a call on +44 (0)1225 833696 and we’ll discuss your requirements and take the order over the phone.

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