Private Residence, Wiltshire

Our client contacted us directly as they were renovating a farmhouse and associated outbuildings in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside and were very interested in our illuminated splashbacks as they thought a LiteTile splashback would provide a cutting-edge feature in their new kitchen. We had a long talk on the telephone about our product and then arranged a site visit as our client was not sure if two or three LiteTile splashbacks would be suitable for their kitchen. Having visited our client (and being introduced to their wonderful rare breed pigs!), we sent our client a quote for just two splashbacks – one along each wall and meeting in a corner. Our client placed an order for the two splashbacks and we sent them three pages of technical drawings to sign off and when we received this sign off, we commenced production of the LiteTiles. This corner of our client’s kitchen is quite dark so our splashbacks really do add excellent illumination to this part of the room. As our client’s new kitchen appliances were all in brushed stainless steel, they decided not to have the splashback frames painted – so everything coordinates beautifully in their new kitchen. These two splashbacks have colour-changing LEDs in them and they are controlled by an infra-red remote control unit.

Image 2