Private Residence, Surrey

Our client was having a new kitchen extension built at the back of his house and had been looking for something unusual for his kitchen for a while. After a discussion with us about the product, installation, electrical requirements etc we provided a quote and the client placed his order. During conversations with our client, we discovered that he wanted a couple of pieces of stainless steel to fit in between two appliances as his kitchen company were not able to provide this. As we use brushed stainless steel frames for our splashbacks, this was not a problem for us and so we also provided this for our client as it matches the frames of our splashback and all his other appliances. This LiteTile splashback has colour-changing LEDs in it and these are controlled by an infra-red remote colour control unit. The images (taken by our client) show the LiteTile splashback installed behind the hob with ceramic tiles either side of it.