Private Residence, Buckinghamshire

Our client contacted us directly – he was refurbishing his house and had been looking for illuminated splashbacks for some time. We had several discussions with our client in order to ascertain the best option for him and we then provided a quote for three LiteTile splashbacks. Our client wanted them to form an inverted “T” shape and we explained that we could not produce this as one single splashback but could produce the same effect with three separate ones – however, we pointed out to the client that as the three of the splashbacks were a different height to the one in the middle, there might be a difference in light output. Our client was happy to accept this and placed his order. We manufacured his splashbacks and he collected them just before Christmas and installed them within a couple of days. The splashbacks have colour-changing LEDs in them and are controlled by an infra-red remote control unit. These photos were kindly supplied by our client who says “Our LiteTile splashback has completed our kitchen. The overall effect is modern contemporary, so easy to clean and looks amazing. The different lighting options really transform the moods in the kitchen from subtle background lighting to party mode – creating much discussions and sense of wow! Definitely recommend the products and the customer service!”.