Private Residence, Bolton

Our client had seen a striped illuminated splashback in a well known national store but upon enquiry he was told that he was unable to purchase the splashback on its own. He spent some time looking on the internet for a company who could help him and so he approached us to see if we could re-create the same effect. The original design that our client had seen in the store was a piece of glass, stood away from the wall on batons with LED strips pointing up and down to give a certain amount of illumination behind the glass. After several discussions, we explained to our client that we would be able to take this initial concept to the next level. We provided a quote and an order was placed. This splashback was produced by having a piece of glass flood coated in black vinyl and then lasered to remove the strips. This piece of glass was then back illuminated using Prismex and colour-changing LEDs. We worked very closely with the client in order to get the result he wanted and this resulted in him having the glass recessed into a granite splashback. We then supplied the unit as a “kit of parts” which the client was very happy to assemble himself. This splashback has colour-changing LEDs in it and is controlled by an infra-red remote control unit which our client has cleverly hidden in the extractor fan hood and he is more than happy with the overall effect that the LiteTile splashback produces. The striped design on this splashback was the client’s own design, but any design could be put on a LiteTile splashback – just contact us if you have an idea about the design you want.