Illuminated Bar Front, Jersey Opera House, Jersey, Channel Islands

We were commissioned by one of Jersey’s leading commercial and domestic interior specialists to assist with their refurbishment of the Upper Circle Bar in the Jersey Opera House. Finished with comfortable, stylish furnishings and with a capacity for 100 people, they wanted us to create an eye-catching lighting feature in the bar. We suggested a “window effect” on the front of the bar. The client was worried that this effect would be too cumbersome but we designed it so that it would not occupy too much of the internal space of the bar. We were also able to reassure the client that the system would be low maintenance. Having had several discussions with the client, we decided to utilise the LiteTile system in order to produce 4 slimline panels – with colour-changing LEDs along the top and bottom of each glass-fronted panel. Each panel is just 20mm deep and is a “sandwich” of materials with glass on the front, but because of the way the panels were assembled there is minimal chance of damage to the front of the bar. These panels were then installed into the bar carcass and then an ornate wooden frame was mounted over the front. The installation was carried out by a 1-man team over 2 days. This lighting system is controled via a remote wi-fi system and the bar staff are able to select the colours they want displayed to suit special events in the bar or seasons of the year.