Concierge Area, The Filaments, London

The Filaments is a residential development at the centre of a London borough and only a few minutes’ walk from Wandsworth town centre and consists of 340 private apartments, as well as shops, office space and lit gardens and walkways. We were commissioned to provide specialist lighting for the concierge area and were given a specification and asked to provide a more cost effective solution. The project involved the supply of LED strip downlights, lighting around the concierge’s desk, in addition to cove lighting which was to wash downwards over a specially painted wall and internal and external versions of strip lights which were to be installed under the exterior canopy. These were a very slimline profile with surface-mounted LEDs. The lighting around the concierge’s desk consisted of LED strip (with white only LEDs) and extrusion. The wall wash lighting was origninally specified using a high output constant current system, but we decided to use a new constant voltage system which utilises smaller output LEDs. However, the LEDs are columnated with reflectors in order to give a similar visual effect. The LEDs used here were 4000 Kelvin. All the walls in the concierge area were made of MDF but a special finish was applied to these walls to give it a metallic-look effect. Some of the ceiling lights were recessed (some of which had emergency back up systems) and some were suspended – the suspended ones were painted in the same metal finish as the walls. We also designed a system that enabled all the power supply units to be housed in one control room with all of the units being dimmable. The installation of all this lighting was carried out out by a 5 man team and took a week to complete.