Colour-Changing Wall

We were approached by Mitchell Eley Gould Architects in Bath who were working on a project at Red Maids School, Bristol.  The school were having a new building constructed – Redland Hall.  This building provides the school with a new performance space and auditorium.  The school wanted to have the area for serving refreshments at events supplied with first-class lighting.  Mitchell Eley Gould asked us if we could help with the provision of illuminated, colour-changing panels in the servery area.

Following meetings and site visits, the school decided on having six illuminated panels installed with shelving going across the front of the panels.  A 4-zone wall mounted touch panel was installed which allows the panels to either scroll through all the same colours at the same time, or to be set on different colours in groups.

This effect would also work very well in a bar, restaurant or hotel.

To see this installation in action please click here